Have an Information Technology Specialist That Is Only a Phone Call Away

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The IT outsourcing niche is growing faster than ever with companies needing to hire an information technology specialist. Industry giants have predicted that it will balloon by 6% over the next 24 months, but that only tells half the story. The industry itself is undergoing a rapid evolution as resource distribution becomes more challenging.

IT teams are becoming more strategic and segmented, and that can be a massive resource drain, even for medium to large businesses. In 2019, technology took over every swipe and tap, outgrowing many traditional in-house teams. Talent shortages have taken hold, particularly in relating to automation and artificial intelligence. Both fields have become virtual necessities in forward-thinking organizations, and that’s pushed outsourcing to new heights of popularity. When you have an information technology specialist on your side, your return on investment grows in several areas:

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1. Automation and Artificial Intelligence

Service desks are quickly being overtaken by service bots, and automation has become a core part of the marketing field. Today’s buyers expect instant, personalized service, and automation has taken over just about every department in the modern organization. HR teams are relying on it to source and onboard staff. E-commerce departments are using it to send targeted messaging to buyers. Accountants are leveraging it to generate analytics and perform repeatable tasks, and sales teams generate and qualify leads with it.

Artificial intelligence has leaked into every one of those areas, but support for both AI and automation are beyond the wheelhouse of your typical in house IT support team. Even outsourced services such as ours are becoming more segmented to cover these specialized skills, and that’s been a necessary evolution. An outsourced information technology specialist is able to cover these niche areas for your company so it’s imperative you outsource to the right IT company.

2. 24/7 Uptime

Today’s typical Information technology specialist must respond to everything from disaster recovery and back-up planning to helpdesks and security. In a globalized world, every hour of downtime costs money, so the days of the nine-to-five support team are over. If you trade online, your services must be available all day and night, every day of the week. Our global outsourced technology support services can achieve the 99% uptime expected of today’s businesses.

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3. Technology that Aligns with Your Business Goals

Outsourced IT isn’t merely growing in size, but quality as well. Just two years ago, your average IT support technician had bread-and-butter services to a large portfolio of clients. Today’s clients expect personalized service, so niche providers have changed their business model to serve them better. You can expect a dedicated account manager who will get to know your business inside out and back to front. A good IT infrastructure management team will work under your brand banner, integrating into your infrastructure in enormous depth. This way, every piece of technology you roll out is an extension of your business, built to fit you uniquely.

If you’re spending time managing your inhouse IT team, you’re taking time away from your core goals. An outsourced information technology specialist can free you up so that you can focus on the important things: guiding your business towards success.

4. Comprehensive Data Management

The average business manages over 150 terabytes of data, and the typical enterprise manages 347. That comes with higher managed IT service needs. Your information requires disaster recovery and back-up strategies. Cloud services must be supported, and all business-critical systems must remain functional all day every day. An experienced information technology specialist will build a data storage strategy that’s as agile as it is scalable. If you’re not crunching those numbers into meaningful analytics, you’re losing data’s greatest power.  Businesses that invest in analytics have 33% more revenue growth.

5. Reduced IT Expenses

Deloittes estimates that just supporting business-critical technology uses up 70% of a business’ IT budget. That’s a lot of money to spend on meat and bones when the world expects you to serve up desserts and wine. It leaves you without the budget to launch a more strategic IT system. An outsourced information technology specialist doesn’t require a weekly salary. That relieves much of your budget burden, leaving you with the funds to institute more profitable technological infrastructure.

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6. Increased Security

With 40% of cybersecurity threats being leveled at SMEs, no small business can afford an unskilled IT team. Security demands highly skilled human assets who constantly update their knowledge and work around the clock. Outsourcing removes the need to train your IT support team, taking away a significant annual expense from your books. An outsourced information technology specialist is trained on your behalf, and their specialization allows them to cover niche security issues at enormous depth. In return, your business will enjoy high-level protection from key security threats.

Our outsourced IT team are experts at fulfilling your technical needs in accordance with your larger goals. In return, you receive peace of mind and the freedom to focus on your dreams. Contact us today to get started with the IT support staff your company deserves.