Our Services

Our services have been developed over the years to offer support to a diverse array of industries and create tailor made support plans for every company we work with.

Global Support and International Projects

With many of our customers increasingly displaying a global presence, it is not unusual for our Account managers to make regular visits to offices in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific.

Our Account Management Methodology extends to satellite and overseas offices and together with our Embedded support service offering, allows your Account Manager, in conjunction with our 24/7 help desk and trusted partners, to deliver both remote and on-site quality support.

This means your satellite offices can experience the same high quality proven support service as your HQ, helping them to remain productive and profitable.

We Manage Our It Ourselves And Being A Global Organisation We Often Need Local It Support In Our Overseas Offices, But It Is Difficult To Find High Quality It Professionals Who Adhere To Our Corporate Values.

Northern Star is currently the European IT arm relied upon by many multinationals to deliver high quality, local IT support in line with Corporate IT standards and procedures.

Our Account Managers are involved in weekly conference calls with corporate IT Departments, allowing them to gain a full understanding of corporate IT guidelines, procedures and processes, report back on any local IT issues and be involved in the planning and implementation of local IT projects. In addition, our Account Managers provide support to several European offices in different locations through our embedded days service, this means that your European offices are visited and provided with on-site support on a regular basis.

This, in conjunction with our proven quality support from our help desk, allows us to provide a high quality support service as the European arm of your IT operation. The benefit of using Northern Star as your local IT support partner is that your costs will be reduced, compared to employing local IT staff and are flexible and scalable to meet the changing requirements of your business.