SCIO Capital

SCIO Capital is an independent fixed income specialist in high-value credit solutions. They excel in identifying and capitalising on market inefficiencies, aided by their in-house expertise in structuring and securitising a broad variety of asset classes, including loans, bonds, mortgages and renewable energy. Northern Star manage, maintain and support their IT infrastructure, ensuring it is safe and secure, and users remain productive.



  • Provide and maintain best in class data security measures
  • Enhance competitive advantage via use of current technology
  • Advise, consult and support all users
  • Deliver excellent value in hardware and software purchases



  • Northern Star’s Account Managers source compliant IT infrastructure for SCIO Capital
  • Efficient, innovative solutions have been implemented such as a dedicated server for SCIO Capital’s proprietary portfolio and risk management tools
  • Northern Star’s Onsite Embedded Services give SCIO Capital a high level of IT strategy and technical support at a competitive price



  • Northern Star’s comprehensive service offering allows SCIO Capital to focus on their core strengths
  • SCIO Capital are able to deliver a high quality service with very limited downtime
  • Correct technology deployed to give SCIO Capital a high ROI and reduced total cost of technology ownership