IPA Energy + Water Economics (IPA)

IPA, a subsidiary of DAR Group, is a leading financial consultative resource in the Energy sector with 30 users in the UK and 10 Users in Dubai. They have a heavy reliance on their IT systems to keep their consultants working and able to deliver a high quality product to their clients, wherever they may be. Due to the nature of their business they could only partner with a company with a proven track record in getting it right each and every time.


  • Take over and manage a complex UK IT infrastructure
  • Advise, consult and support up to and including board level
  • Manage assets and pre-empt issues before they arise


  • Northern Star’s Onsite Embedded Services gave IPA the level of IT strategy and technical support at an exceptional price point
  • The IT Strategy component of the product enabled efficient solutions such as a dedicated Excel number-crunching server and Office 365 to be implemented


  • IPA to deliver services at a lower cost than when they had an in-house resource
  • Project ideas turned to reality much faster with Northern Star’s advice
  • Assets and software maintained correctly