Coalition is a leading business intelligence provider which supplies deep analytical research on market peers, revenue opportunities, client wallets and the overall market size and conditions to the top 15 global investment banks. Northern Star works with Coalition’s IT team to help them maintain their global IT infrastructure and their onsite embedded services have led to full integration with Coalition’s global business.



  • Advise and consult with Coalition’s global IT teams
  • Deliver on-going, high quality, round the clock support in conjunction with Coalition’s global IT teams
  • Deliver excellent value on hardware and software purchases in this territory


  • Northern Star’s Account Managers work closely with the Coalition’s IT teams and UK users
  • Northern Star’s Onsite Embedded Services gave Coalition the level of IT strategy and technical support at an exceptional price point
  • Northern Star’s Account Managers source compliant hardware and software for Coalition


  • Total Cost of technology ownership greatly reduced
  • Assets and software maintained correctly
  • Coalition able to deliver a high quality of service on a global scale without worrying about an operational disconnect