Hammond Partners

Hammond Partners is one of London’s leading financial services executive search firms. They depend on a bespoke software which is integral to them providing their clients with services which make them the excellent consultants they are. Therefore they require a company to partner with them which can provide the stability they need for their IT infrastructure time and time again.



  • Deliver an exceptional IT infrastructure
  • Deliver on-going, high quality, round-the-clock support
  • Use technology to help maintain their competitive edge



  • Northern Star’s Account Managers work closely with the Hammond Partners users
  • Northern Star’s Account Managers source compliant hardware and software for Hammond Partners
  • Northern Star have implemented secure, networked server environments using the latest Microsoft technologies with Office 365 migration to be implemented



  • Hammond Partners are able to deliver excellent service to their clients without losing time with IT issues
  • Assets and software are maintained correctly
  • Project ideas are turned into reality much faster with Northern Star’s advice