What is IT Consulting?

The IT industry has a broad spectrum of options, including platforms, programming, methodologies, technologies, and tools. Without proper knowledge of these, it can be overwhelming to navigate the best options for your business. If you are unsure what to pick, IT firms should be your closest companions. Although not every firm has the required expertise and experience, you are safe with our IT consulting services.

Have you been searching for an excellent IT company to handle your business needs appropriately? Northern Star IT is the best place to be. We are well established consulting firm offering a wide range of services. Our consultancy services, strategies, and IT support are one of a kind to our competitors.

We are not only limited to delivering the outlined services below, but here we have something for everyone.

  • IT support and management
  • Hardware and software
  • Migrations from one platform to another
  • Information security services
  • Cloud services/ Office 365
  • Global support and international projects

Difference between IT Service and IT Consulting

The main difference between the two is that in IT consulting, a business hires an IT advisory firm to advise on their technology wants and expectations.

For example, if your company wants to introduce new technology into operations but doesn’t know how to do it, you need a company like Northern Star It. We will help you understand how to use the new technology and integrate it into its existing systems.

If your business has technical problems with hardware and software systems tailor-made by a specific company, their IT services will address the problem by offering solutions.


Why Does Your Business Need An IT Expert Services?

Here are some of the top reasons why your business needs a consulting firm like Northern Star:



At Northern Star It, your system’s security is our core consideration. To maintain your business security needs, we offer the best advisory services. We help you know about tools you could use and how to use them to protect your information. Our insights are up-to-date advice on the best industry practices to avoid cyber security threats.



Our consulting services operate under the principles of delivering efficient IT packages. Experienced IT practitioners with extensive experience run our professional services. You don’t need to break into your bank either; what you request is what we deliver.



You have probably decided to seek our services because of rampant downtimes you have been experiencing lately. As IT consultants, we have the requisite knowledge to ensure maximum uptime during working hours. We increase your business’ productivity without adding extra costs or labor hours to do the tasks needed.


How to Select the Best IT Services?

Before you outsource services from any IT firm, a few factors must be considered for the best output.

  • The previous portfolio: Insist on a track record of excellent service from existing clients in your industry.
  • A full-service approach: The firm should offer everything from email management to cloud security and tell you about emerging technologies.
  • Value-added services: What other services will the IT firm offer? Can it help you improve productivity or customer service?


Solve your Business Needs an IT Consulting Company Today

IT consulting saves your business time and money by ensuring employees use technology to its fullest potential.

At Northern Star, we pride ourselves on being the leading player. We offer an impressive repertoire of IT consulting services tailored to boost your business. Talk to us to help you steer your business forward towards immeasurable growth.