Our Services

Our services have been developed over the years to offer support to a diverse array of industries and create tailor made support plans for every company we work with.

IT support

It’s an increasingly global marketplace and your customers are already working in new territories. Their business is important to you and, as a professional MSP, you provide them with the tools and support to run a successful company. But increasingly, their requirements lie in different timezones and having a trusted, reliable solution in place is now something which you can’t afford to overlook. If you don’t feel confident that you have a team to support your customers, they won’t feel confident either, potentially prompting a move to a company which they feel is more aligned with their business direction. If this happens years of hard work, customer care and relationship building could be erased simply because the required service was not there and ready for them.

Northern Star has helped many US MSPs cover their customer’s European IT support requirements. Because we are a leading MSP, just like you, we provide a high level of technical know-how and customer service to these firms, giving both them and their customers peace of mind that they are in the same set of safe hands which they are used to. We know that the details are important so we work with you to make sure that there is full integration into your procedures and operational infrastructure, either working under your banner or as a partner. The way we work is up to you. We want you to be confident that you can offer an extension of your team in London, the UK and the rest of Europe because if you are nothing but confident in our ability to provide exceptional European support, time and time again, your customer will be confident that you can too.