Five Benefits Of Using Office 365

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Office 365 is the most popular suite of office tools out there, and we’re taking a look at why:

No Upfront Cost

Paying for new software for your business can be an expensive outgoing, and it’s not as if you can avoid it. Forever 21 had a lawsuit brought against them by Adobe for using pirated versions of Photoshop, and for many products there’s no way of avoiding the upfront cost of introducing new software.

Office 365 works differently – offering an adjustable subscription service. You only pay for the specific amount of users you need, which can be extended or lowered at any time. There’s only a one year obligation when signing up, so you’re not tied down for too long in case you decide it’s not for you.

Get On Cloud Nine

Office 365 is a cloud based system, which means you have access to Word, Excel, Outlook and everything inbetween on any device as long as you have an internet connection.

This also means that your files, email software and data is safely kept on Microsoft’s servers, so there’s no risk of losing anything due to hardware failure or any other complications that could affect your physical storage.

Safety First and Safety Second

Safety is paramount to any business, especially one that deals with sensitive data and documents. Cloud based systems have come under fire often for failing to offer adequate security, so Microsoft took great steps to remedy this.

Office 365 applications are accessed through 128-bit SSL/TSL encryption so it’s impossible to read by any unwanted visitors, and generally the system is backed up by the ultra reliable Microsoft Trustworthy Computing initiative.

Email is protected by Forefront Online Protection for Exchange (FOPE) from malware, as well as features like anti-spam filtering and antivirus capabilities. Microsoft monitors the systems continuously for suspicious activity and perform frequent security audits to make sure your data is safe.

Available on Mobile Devices

Need to get access to documents on the move? Maybe your sales team needs to be able to move around with a tablet or smartphone, or the nature of your company means you need to be able to show documents to clients or customers on the go – whatever your reason, Office 365 has it sorted.

Office 365 is usable on iPads, iPhones, Windows phones, Windows PCs, Mac desktops, Mac laptops, Android devices and other smartphones and tablets, so you’ll be able to access everything you need, when you need it.

Skype For Business

Skype For Business is the communications service and a key feature of Office 365, offering instant messaging, audio communication, video calling and web conferencing.

Sometimes getting to meetings can prove difficult, especially with international clients, so Skype For Business offers a host of solutions for this problem. You can arrange online meetings with audio, video, and Web conferencing using the Skype For Business client, or even using a phone with a PSTN audio conferencing service.

These super useful features are encrypted, and there’s also data sharing, application sharing, and whiteboard capabilities. There’s so much that will you’ll wonder what you did before.

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